Ultimate Stay at home Pamper Set

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This is your ultimate stay at home pamper set, worth £120 for the price of £50!!

you will get:

1 x So Smile Teeth whitening kit including 3 gels £21.99 

2 x So Smile Teeth whitening powder £29.98

1 x Latona London 24 Carat Gold & Rosehip oil serum £29.99

1 x Latona London Avocado oil & Jasmine Essence serum £29.99

 Please stay safe & stay home 

 There are no more boxes left for the Kits, or shade guards but you do still get a full kit and the instructions are on the website at www.sosmile.co.uk




1. Rinse the mouth guard with warm water and dry it.

2. Brush your teeth as normal and rinse.

3. Open LED whitening light and remove the clear circle film separating the two batter-

ies at the rear, re-insert the batteries, first one (blue circle) facing down and second one blue circle facing up and replace the cover (your light should now work).

4. Attach the LED light to the rubber cuffs on the mouth guard.

5. Apply 1⁄4 of the syringe of whitening gel into each side of the mouth tray, applying just

enough to coat the frontal surfaces of your teeth you wish to be whitened.

6. Place the mouth guard over your teeth and wipe off any gel that has come into con- tact with your gums.

7. Press the start button on the light to enter into a 10 Minute count down, then close your mouth to fix the tray in place for this duration.

8. After 10 minutes’ remove your mouth guard and

Rinse your teeth with warm water to remove any excess gel left behind on your teeth.

9. Remove the light form the mouth tray and thoroughly clean it. 10.Repeat this whitening procedure until you are happy with the results.We recommend no more than 6 days consecutive whitening (back to back) however this whitening system can be used as and when to maintain or brighten when needed.