Your questions answered...

Are these serums cruelty free & suitable for vegans?

Yes, Latona London products are made up of more herbal ingredients and contain NO trace of animal products, as a company we will NOT be testing any of our products on animals.

Can I use the serums if I have rosacea or other skin conditions?

Most our ingredients are herbal and beneficial for the skin, we have a case study already completed July 18 for a lady with rosacea age 51 who has been using the 24k Gold and Rose Hip Oil Serum and has had fantastic results with no irritation. Everyone’s skin is different so if you have a skin condition we advise you patch test the product yourself first to check no irritation is caused.

Can I use this product daily?

Yes, use the serums as often as needed for your skin. All products are safe to use daily.

Why should I use skin serums?

Skin serums are a more concentrated form of skincare, providing only good ingredients to your skin with multiple beneficial factors.

I have sensitive skin, will these products be OK for me?

We currently have a number of case studies of people using the serums who have sensitive skin and have all been impressed with the results. We do advise test patching your products first if you are concerned.

Which product is best for more intense hydration?

The Blueberry Burst Serum has custom ingredients to provide deeper hydration with a velvety smooth texture.

Which serum is best to help prevent ageing?

Both serums have age prevention ingredients in. The 24 Carat Gold Serum contains Rosehip Oil which is a favourite when it comes to anti-ageing.

I have an oily complexion, which is the best serum for me?

The 24 Carat Gold Serum provides enough hydration without leaving any oil residue which is more suited to someone who has oily skin.

Are any of these products a good makeup base/primer?

Yes the 24 Carat Gold Serum helps your makeup stay in place and last longer, this serum primes the skin and leaves it hydrated ready for makeup application.

How much use should I get from one serum?

This depends on how often you use the serum, but ideally if used twice daily then roughly around 6-8 weeks use per serum bottle.