Customer Feedback

Judy, Hull aged 53

Sensitive Skin Case Testing “Latona London” Blueberry Burst

I have to say I have always been a bit reluctant to change my skin routine as new products can make my skin sore and even in the past my eyes have swelled up if products are too harsh.

I have using the Blueberry Burst serum for over 6 months as part of the testing process for this brand “Latona London”.

During the first few uses I first notice the smell which is very lovely actually and when you draw up the serum you can actually smell the Blueberry Extract, it’s not too strong but very pleasant.

Once applied to my face I almost felt like it had a firming sensation without the harsh tightening you sometimes get with some products.

The over feel is as they say is very much like velvet like and spreads very freely over the skin. It’s not oily or dry it appears to have the right texture to spread well and evenly.

Now I am not easily impressed but on this occasion I cannot say enough about this lovely serum which hydrates with a lovely subtle essence of Blueberry, is not oily or sticky, and is great for my sensitive skin. I have been using this twice daily application (a little goes a really long way) and I do feel it brightened my complexion almost immediately. It is organic which a must is for me and I love the fact it’s not tested on animals which again is a plus.

So Would I Use It Again?

Well actually the question is can I stop using it? To which the answer is NO! I LOVE IT! I have been scraping the last little bit out of the bottle for days so I can’t wait to order off the site which is also competitively priced at £29.99 special launch rising too £39.99 I believe.

Thank you “Latona London” for allowing me to be your test case and look forward to testing more products please! JB